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Memories in Media
Some of the selected media files are abstracted courtesy of the New Jersey Public Television Corporation. In 1976, Jim Lee captured historical memories in a half hour program, "Famous Tiller Sharks", which contained recordings of a canal boat captain, and people from those earlier times. We are honored to present them on the web as part of our public educational opportunities. Jim Lee also has authored several editions of his other books on the Morris Canal and are listed on the "Sales/Recommeded Reading" page, Published by Delaware Press, P.O. Box 454, Easton, PA. The transcripts of the "Famous Tiller Sharks" are in Jim Lee's book, Tales of the Boatman Told.

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Russell Batson at Age 79 Born Stanhope Dec 1879 Rusty Old Canaler - Ditty Song 211 K
Isabelle Lenstrohm Mann at Age 79 Born 1898 Down the 17teener 211 K
Fiddling music

Conch sounds long gone
Mules Walking the Towpath
Canal Boat Captain's Memories
Jim Lee's Plane 9 West
Turbine description by Jim Lee

Note: The above are historical audio files and will take various times to load depending on file size and modem speed.

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Russell Batson
Oh, you rusty old canaler,
You think you're mighty nice,
Standing by the tiller blade,
Picking off the lice. Psssst.

Isabelle Lenstrohm Mann
Going down to Cooper's, just six o'clock
Who did I see, but ole Aaron on the dock
And he said jolly dier, Now whose team is that?
Sure tis ole Mike Cavanaugh's, just gettin' fat.

Fal-ra-di-laiedo, faraldeya
Fal-ra-di-laiedo, hum-de-dally-dae

The drive was lame, the shaft mule was blind
The lead mule had a cobcorn sticking out behind

Fal-ra-di-laiedo, faraldeya
Fal-ra-di-laiedo, hum-de-dally-dae

Pete was at the hinges, Patsy at the bow,
Mike was at the tiller handle, showing him how

Fal-ra-di-laiedo, faraldeya
Fal-ra-di-laiedo, hum-de-dally-dae

Going down the 17er, we were doing mighty well,
When the mule broke the towline, the boat went to Hell.

Fal-ra-di-laiedo, faraldeya
Fal-ra-di-laiedo, hum-de-dally-dae

Note: Cooper's was the prior name short for Cooper's Furnance prior to the name change to Andover furance.